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The creation and maintanance of this web-site is one of the activities of Alexander Piatigorsky Foundation - organization created by friends of the eminent philosopher Alexander Piatigorsky. The main objective of this Foundation is to conserve and promote his heritage.

We hope that this activity would help to spread the philosophical ideas of Alexander Piatigorsky and create the intellectual space where the "ever-lasting" conversation started by Piatigorsky would continue and develop.

Feel free to contact us if you have any observations or suggestions on our work via the form below or at piatigorsky@hotmail.com

We also invite you to send us any relevant materials that could be in your possession and that you would like to share in order to improve this web-site.

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Ludmila PiatigorskY's archive
This web-site was created in order to conserve and promote the heritage of Alexander Piatigorsky. You can find here the works of Piatigorsky (some of them are unpublished) as well as photo and video materials.

The works published here are taken from diverse sources and also from the archive of Ludmila Piatigorsky.

We work constantly on finding and publishing new materials.